About ConvoLan

What Is ConvoLan?

ConvoLan is an online languages center which connects Language Students with Natives Speakers.

What Does ConvoLan Provide ?
  • ConvoLan provides online speaking and training sessions.
  • ConvoLan provides a real opportunity for those who have a talent in training and teaching to get online jobs.
  • ConvoLan makes it easy for you to speak with natives in order to practice a certain language more regularly.

Moreover, to save time while searching for an answer by getting the direct answer from Languages original sources.

Why ConvoLan ?
  • Many language students struggle to practice the language effectively, often due to reliance on traditionallearning methods. ConvoLan offers an exceptional chance to engage with native speakers, providing a valuable opportunity to immerse oneself in the desired language and refine conversational skills.
  • ConvoLan concentrates on learning languages from their original sources!
  • Because! Natives know their languages better than anyone does!

How it works?
  • Students can go to Courses Tab to explore all trainers and their courses.
  • Students choose the most appropriate Trainer and book a session with them, benefiting from the maximum flexibility which ConvoLan provides.
  • Trainers can wait for sessions request and even to have better chances for that by inviting their students to the platform.

Learn more about how it works in the Methodology tab 

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