• Languages

    Improving Languages Performance through entertaining conversation cources

  • Talents

    Providing Online Teaching Jobs to talented people through a large network of Users

  • Culture

    Connecting diferent cultures

  • Literature

    Learning about History & Literature

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  • Improving Languages Performance

    We provide online conversation classes to learn languages through practicing it with native speakers. Native Speakers are the source of languages, and they know it better than anybody else.

    Natives have been using their languages since they were born, and they use it on daily basis, every day in every situation. As a result, Natives know the languages subtles, purposes and uses.

    Avoiding Traditional ways of learning is one of our main goals, concentrating on conversation and speaking skill to encourage students practicing the language with Natives, so the language will be easier to memorize and to use.

    Providing a platform for learners to interact with native speakers can greatly enhance their language acquisition process. It allows them to practice in real-world scenarios and develop their speaking and listening skills in a natural, authentic context.

  • Jobs & Oppurtunities For Talented People

    ConvoLan provides Online Teaching Jobs for talented people who excel at practicing their languages with students. It also provides them a great chance to repractice their own language and to reinforce their performance in using it.

    ConvoLan has also jobs for Sales Representatives, who can promote the website’s services to earn more points, eventually redeeming points with real money transferred into their bank accounts.

  • Connecting Cultures

    Languages are the main key to understanding the culture. Connecting cultures and preserving cultures is one of our main goals. Languages are the main key to record culture, history and literature, connecting languages means connecting cultures as well.

    Both of Students and Trainers can learn more about other nation’s culture by studying their language and get to know more about their habits and traditions.

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